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Brochures for Realtors
In this market where it seems that every other house or commercial property on a street is for sale, any edge above your competition can be helpful to try to hook a sale. Vogel Drafting is now offering brochure services to realtors and home owners.

We can create brochures for your company in PDF format that you can then email, fax, or post on a web site to show clients the layout of a house/building before actually visiting the property. Someone can quickly answer questions like:
- Where the bathrooms are located
- The specifications call out for 4 bedrooms, but one of those is in the basement
- The kitchen flow and size
- The size of rooms for furniture placement
- Any special characteristics like a back stair or a Sitting Room off the Master Bedroom

Showing a potential buyer 10-15 pictures of the front of house/building will not really give them a good sense of the property’s layout or potential usage. Interior pictures are hard to show space relations and room sizes. Having a floor plan to go with these pictures help to clarify things. It may also save the seller/buyer time by not visiting properties that will not meet their needs.

Most “new” home builders post plans and elevations on their web sites. This is a major disadvantage when trying to market an existing house/building from only pictures. Vogel Drafting can help give you that edge when selling your properties over the competition.

If you or your company is interested in our services, please call or email us.
Example Brochure